Step 1a: The Process

Step One: Read This

Step 1a: The Process

Postby MageRooster on Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:25 am

1) Read this thread.
2) Check the Open Classes thread to see if we're looking for your class/spec. We always welcome exceptional players to post an application and talk to our officers.
3) Read the application template fully and make sure you understand it. Missing or incomplete applications will often be ignored or closed, so make sure to submit a FULL application.
4) Copy the Application Template into notepad and fill it out.
5) Start a NEW thread in the "Post Application" forum with a title of your name, class and spec. Post your application, with answers, in that thread.
6) Wait for responses. You can talk to any of our guild officers in game as well. Officers are Ostara, Gawdmode, Magerooster, Neat and Ayanai.

At this point we will analyze your application, attempt to talk with you and schedule trial runs. Our raid nights are Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and 5:00 PM server. Being late, AFK or offline repeatedly during this point when we want to give you trial runs is generally a good way to get your application closed. (And a common one!)

7) Once we've connected with you, you'll generally get a guild invite and set to a TRIAL rank. YOU ARE NOT A FULL RAIDER YET. Your trial period will last two weeks, during which we expect perfect attendance and willingness to show up repaired, with flasks, and generally show yourself to be a proactive raider. Put your best foot forward and show you're not a noob! (And hey, part of this period is seeing if you can get along with US. We're a bit of a rowdy bunch!)
8) After your trial period, we will decide whether keep you or not. Should you be denied... good luck finding another guild elsewhere that better fits your needs. If you're accepted, you'll be promoted to Raider status, with standard access to loot and responsibilities raiding. If you maintain good attendance and show a good attitude, you can get the coveted core raider rank with even better priority on receiving loot!
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